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The Embroidery Design School brings the high quality instruction taught around the globe right to your office or home through an interactive training system that is easy and fun to use.

How much better can it get than to receive digitizing training in the comfort of your home week after week. No airfare, no hotel, no meals or rental cars. All your time and money is applied to your education.

We have indentified three major bodies of study for today's digitizer: Vector art drawing software, digitizing software and digitizing theory. Today's digitizer is faced with learning each of these topics well and our education program has been divided to identify each of these three tracks.

Students may take any of the three tracks in the order which best addresses the area they require the most concentration. Take a look below at the topics offered. We're sure you will find one that is of interest to you.

Click here to view CorelDRAW classes Click here to view Wilcom Embroidery Studio classes Click here to view Basic Digitizing classes

Each WebClass is LIVE! on the internet using a web based program requiring very little from your system. You don't have to have either CorelDRAW!® or Wilcom ES® running on your computer during the class.

Each WebClass consists of an audio presentation conducted through a voice conferencing service while the visual portion is provided thru a web based meeting program.

Audio & Visual

The audio portion is accomplished through both Voice over IP (VoIP) and telephone. You select which you prefer. The VoIP option avoids long distance charges by using the computer's sound card. An operational sound card and computer headset are required. Usual long-distance charges apply to the phone number option and phone headset is recommended but not required.

EDS On Line classes are currently scheduled on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. An annual training plan has been created and published for student's pre-planning purposes. The annual training plan allows students to project which of the three training tracks they wish to participate in and in which months would best fit their needs. For a more detailed schedule visit each of the three tracks individual page areas.

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Learn how to get the most from the Forum Convert to Embroidery Design Club Now! We create vector art. Most logos only $25. Learn WIlcom software from our video series!! Learn to use CorelDRAW from our 3 part video series with hours of instruction. Purchase Digitizing 201 Here Learn to digitize for embroidery from Master Embroidery Designer Thomas L. Moore. Digitizing 101 has over 300 pages of powerful information from the most sought after instructors in the embroidery field. We provide a great economical design option backed with exceptional service. Wilcom's Embroidery Studio combines the power of WIlcom's stitch technology and CorelDRAW's vector technology into a single embroidery digitizing package. See what all the talk is about. Take a peel at our Wilcom tips and trick. You are bound to find juicy bits of information to aid in your use of the Wilcom embroidery software. Wilcom Alphabet Club Embroidery Design Club

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