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We purchased this building, located in Creve Coeur Missouri, in 2001 as the new home for Strawberry Stitch Co. This allowed expansion to our education department to a full service school. With more than 3000 square feet of space, our contract design business and the Embroidery Design School are located under one roof.

We have surrounded the building in lovely flower beds complimented with a park bench, basketball goal and plenty of space to stretch your mind and enhance your creativity. A formal living room, complete with a fireplace and built in stained glass windows has been converted into our conference room, hardwood floors and over sized windows make this location warm, comfortable, playful and perfect for both a serious and playful learning experience.

Our curriculum is developed by Master Embroidery Designer Thomas L. Moore and presented through professionally developed presentations. The material presented is carefully designed to provide the students with the best structure and organization, building on a solid foundation into more advanced topics.

To enhanced the students take home value, a binder containing indepth handouts and a copy of every slide used during the presentation is included for each student.



Our class room has been completely updated and designed to accomodate fifteen students. An intimate environment is provided complete with multiple displays so all slides and demonstrations are clearly visible.

Unlike many digitizing instructors who have either never digitized for a living, or once did long ago, our instructors ALL currently digitize on a daily basis and are part of the Strawberry Stitch Co. Design Team. This is a requirement set by Thomas Moore, because he believes todays instruction should be in touch with todays technology and techniques.

During your visit, you can not only see some of the National Award winning pieces such as "Strength Within", "Flower and Willow World" and "Nativity", but you can also speak to the designers who worked on the projects. These are benefits you simply will not receive anywhere else.



An added benefit to receiving your embroidery design education at our design school is you are given the opportunity to witness the operation of one of the most sought after embroidery design firms in the world. You can speak to and observe graphics being prepared for embroidery, designs currently in the process of being digitized and speak to employees of this pace setting design company.

You will observe how projects ranging from corporate logos to interior design and fashion are completed with style and excitement. You will gain inspiration which will follow you home to your own projects. When receiving your embroidery design education from Strawberry Stitch Co. you can't help but inherit our passion for this wonderful form of art.

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