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Wilcom SOftware Videos

The Embroidery Design School offers these Wilcom videos for support and self training purposes. Those seeking a formal video training course should visit our Wilcom video training page. The video training series is designed as a stand alone training course or as a supplement to our On Line course.

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Support Videos
Course Description 24 hours 1 week 1 month Signup
W-DS-001 Introduction to Wilcom DecoStudio $5 $15 $30 Coming Soon
W-ES-001 Update Tour for Embroidery Studio v1.5
Currently this video is in testing mode. You may sign up and watch it if you would like.
Free Free Free Purchase here
W-ES-002 ES Setup
The contents of the video will guide you through the most common areas of setting up your system after a successful installation is complete.
Currently this video is in testing mode and only Grids and Guidelines are displayed.
$1 $2 $3 Purchase here

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