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Professional Internship Program

Program Description

Our Professional Internship Program is designed for those seeking practical experience in the embroidery design field with a fast pace from point A to point B. Interns receive thorough embroidery design schooling directed by Master Designer Thomas L. Moore and are assigned a professional instructor during their stay. This program will take a qualified student from classroom instruction to a competency level where the intern is participating in our company's daily production. The longer the duration of the internship the more involved the intern will become with daily operations. This is real life experience within the exciting design firm of Strawberry Stitch Co.

Home of Strawberry Stitch Co.

Home of Strawberry Stitch Co.


There are only three prerequisites to applying to the Professional Internship Program.

  • The applicant must be seeking a career in the field of embroidery design.
  • The applicant must commit to a minimum of 4 continuous weeks (not including weekends) of active participation at our St. Louis facility.
  • The applicant must complete the PIP application process. (see below)

Each application will be thoroughly reviewed. Acceptance into the PIP will be at the sole discretion of Strawberry Stitch Co.


Strawberry Stitch Company will accept interns on a first come first serve basis. Applicants will be considered for scheduling once their application has been approved and payment has been received in full.

Home of Strawberry Stitch Co.

The process

Professional Interns receive classroom and practical instruction on the process of preparing art and creating embroidery designs. Instruction is based on the very techniques which has made Strawberry Stitch Co. world renowned for their crisp designs with creative flare.

Interns may apply for appointments ranging from 4 to 12 continuous weeks. The longer the appointment the more beneficial the PIP to both the intern and to SSC. During the time of the PIP, the intern will be gaining real life experience in all aspects of the embroidery design process while developing a portfolio of designs which may be used in a job interview, if seeking employment will be a goal of the intern.

Although the intern will operate as part of the SSC design team, upon completion of the internship program, an intern should be prepared to take on a vast array of designs without direct supervision.


Professional Interns shall;

  • Secure their own lodging and transportation.
  • Arrive at work each day during the hours assigned by their instructor.
  • Come to work mentally and physically prepared to learn and work.

Strawberry Stitch Co. shall;

  • Provide an environment conducive to learning.
  • Provide professional instruction according to SSC standards.
  • Provide a qualified instructor who takes an interest in the intern's progress.


The fee for the Professional Internship Program are;

  • $1000 per week for the first four weeks
  • $800 per week for the second four weeks
  • $600 per week for the third four weeks

All fees are due at the time of application and are refundable if the applicant is not accepted or scheduled to begin their PIP within 30 days of the applications.

PIP Application

The PIP application consists of three parts. Acceptance of your application is not possible without each of these three items being submitted to Strawberry Stitch Co.

  1. Completion of the application request form.
    The application request form may be submitted on-line by Clicking Here
  2. and completing the form.
  3. Payment received for the term applying for.
    May be charged by credit card or a mailed check
  4. Submission of a current police report.
    May be obtained for a small fee from your local police headquarters. This may be mailed in.

After completing all three steps to the PIP Application, Strawberry Stitch Co. will notify the applicant whether they have been accepted into the program.

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