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Wilcom Authorized Training Focus your Wilcom Training

A Wilcom Authorized Training Center is an independent privately owned training center that has completed an application process, and has been approved and trained by Wilcom to deliver Official Wilcom Training to the End Users of the Wilcom line of Embroidery Software.

Receiving your Wilcom training from an Authorized Training Center ensures your training is conducted using curriculums, materials, and training techniques provided by Wilcom. As an Authorized Training Center Strawberry Stitch Co. takes your investment in Wilcom training very seriously and we are dedicated to providing Wilcom authorized training at the same high standard which has made us the Best Embroidery Design School in the country.

In addition we offer the best Wilcom support in the industry with various support plans to meet your needs time and resource needs.

We invite you to explore the many Wilcom training and support options we have to offer. You will find Strawberry Stitch Co's support staff to be very friendly and organized, our instructors to be experts at the Wilcom software and our facilities to be the very best available.

We also have many other training options which compliment the Wilcom Authorized Training. You are invited to take advantage of these options during your visit to Strawberry Stitch Co.

Wilcom Authorized Training - We are certified to provide training on Wilcom's complete line of ES systems. Take a look at our extensive curriculum and you will see why Strawberry Stitch Co. is so successful at preparing you to utilize your software investment.

Wilcom Demonstrations - We are certified to provide training on Wilcom's complete line of ES systems. Having used Wilcom's line of ES products for a decade we are prepared to share our knowledge with you. This service is to aid in your decision if Wilcom is right for your business and provided by a Wilcom dealer.

Wilcom Seminars - Our Wilcom seminars are designed to fill the need for current users of the Wilcom ES line of embroidery software. The informative sessions offer answers to many Wilcom software questions, production and quality tips, marketing ideas, review attendee’s designs and conduct open forum discussions.

Books - Our books are revolutionary to the embroidery industry. Never before has the material been so thoroughly laid out. Easy to read, these books allow the student to obtain more information than could be taught in weeks of solid classroom instruction. Hundreds of pages of organized material and color illustrations take the mystery out of digitizing, bringing the instruction to a level most anyone can understand. These books are a wonderful tool for anyone who is not able to attend a training class or seminar, but are even more effective when coupled with one of our other training options. For this reason we recommend everyone purchase our books.

Tom Tricks - Digitizing tricks offered from Master embroidery designer Thomas L. Moore, Jr., owner of Strawberry Stitch Co., a world renowned embroidery design firm. Thomas is the Director of the Embroidery Design School, international speaker, and author of the book Digitizing 101. Check back regularly to pick up a new trick or two.

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