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Corel for Embroidery

Lakewood Products Chris Hess Awesome speaker. A wealth of knowledge.
Slage Farm, Inc. Wemdy Sperfslage Advantageous to anyone. Thanks!
Fashion Creations Tasha Marohn EXCELLENT!!!
Jansport Kristie Maertz This was a very informative class for a beginner to Corel Draw.
Cap America Twila Whitener Tom's knowledge of the embroidery business from inception to product completion is unsurpassed. A true professional who has bent over backward to accommodate our company's, as well as our employee's, needs. I would recommend Strawberry Stitch for any artwork aspect in the business.
Ken Young Co. Amy Willis I thought the class was wonderful. I learned to use tools that I had forever, but nobody else ever taught me how to use them. My work looks a whole lot better now. I say keep up the good work, because it shows through others, especially myself.
Lynn Eaton's Craft Closet Lynn Eaton

I got great ideas to help speed up my art corrections. I couldn't work with Corel at all prior to this class. The instructors offered suggestions and tips I would never have thought to ask, and they answered every question from every student.

I have never found more knowledgable teachers. They are also happy, friendly and very understanding of your lack of knowledge. You can never ask a dumb question, they understand and are willing to share all their knowledge.

Sew-lutions Shar Boozier The Art for Embroidery class was the best and most useful class I've taken in years. I no longer need to struggle with artwork. Thank You!
BB Embroidery Mike Bartell The fact that Tom has a very thorough grasp on the workings of the software products, and how they dovetail with embroidery theory, production and quality, I can't help but believe I will be a more efficient digitizer.
Chesher's Custom Embroidery Howard Chesher Excellent value and well presented.
Sewing Salon Kathy Jenkins A great way to learn many things you didn't know that you didn't know. It will shorten my learning curve considerably.
Threads, Inc. Wendy Zoeller Once again Strawberry Stitch Co. has given me additional tools to enhance the quality of my business, yet accomplish it in a timely manner! Each class I have attended has been well worth the time and money invested.
Serena's Diane Serena I finally learned what I need to know about Corel Draw.
Stitches Jan Fosher I Prefered this Corel class from embroidery digitizers than from a college because of the familiar reference to our specific use.
Dutch Embroidery Corner Maritha deWerk This class opened my eyes to how important it is to start out by preparing the artwork to make digitizing easier. The class was well prepared.

Basic Digitizing Workshop

On The Job Embroidery Joseph Bilotto Great instructor, very down to earth, good knowledge base, answered all questions. Good job!!
On The Job Embroidery Michael Federici Thomas went over a lot of problems I run into.
The Scuttle Butt Karen Shaffer The presentation was very effective in helping me understand the basics f digitizing.
Sewfly Embroidery Susan Davidsom Great seminar!!
Unknown Unknown Thomas did an amazing job of both presentation and teaching! Thanks for the opportunity.
Unknown Unknown Overall information was excellent. The instructors command of the subject was great!
Cathy's Collection Cathy Korondi I learned more in this seminar than in all 10 years in business attending seminars. Wonderful presentation, Thomas can speak to all levels!
Motor City Creative George Georges This class gives the building blocks to a good design and proven techniques you can't get anywhere else.
A Country Stitch Mark Cantwell The class was well prepared and presented. I finally found some theory to go with "button" training I had received.
Digitz Page Thall This was a very informative class covering many different areas.
K & P Embroidery Pauline Stevic I did not understand density or pull compensation. Tom gave a wonderful explanation.
Sew Special John Hill As a new comer to the business this class was very educational.
Angelic Creations Angelique Jones Every digitizer should take this class. It really covers all the basic elements of digitizing.
Maple Leaf Fashions Rhonda Newman Great program! I would definitely take a class from Tom again.
Needles & Thread Design Studio Eileen St.Clair Tom explains techniques in detail and used terms you can understand.

Lettering I & II

Laughing Needle Megan Christian I wanted to thank Strawberry Stitch and Thomas Moore for all of help you guys have given me with my digitizing. I took a 3 day class with Thomas this summer in Charlotte and it changed my "digitizing life". I understand my software and the principals of digitizing at a much higher level than I did before taking Thomas's class. I would still be digitizing in the dark if I had not taken his class. Thomas helped me turn on the light and I am so thankful. The info he passed on to us is so valuable. I look fordward to more classes and learning opportunities in the future.
Lady of the Lake Genevieve Kedzorski Tom Moore is one of the most knowledgeable speakers I've heard to date and knows HOW to teach.
Lynn Eaton's Craft Closet Lynn Eaton Tom is a constant book of embroidery Knowledge. He's friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
Cindy's Creations Cindy Murdock Tom answered questions I didn't even know I had.


Personal Touch Monogramming Dawn Hougom Wonderful speaker. I could listen to him all day.
SJ Designs Sandy This class was worthwhile for anyone doing applique.
A+ Embroidery & Graphics Sherry Heglie A must attend!! Thank you!
Fashion Creations Tasha Marohn Excellent training skills and organization!
St. Paul Embroidery Tim Halstead Wonderful speaker.
Slage Farm Inc. Wendy Spertslage If you can remember half of what was taught it would be worth every minute spent.
Tin Cup Promotional Maggie Rich Tom doea a great job!!
Cathy Bloom Embroidery Cathy Bloom Tom is a master at his craft. You could do a complete convention with Tom as the only speaker! Thank you and keep endorsing his talents.
All Things Embroidered Dawn Bartylla Thomas Moore is very knowledgable & offers lots of good information with enthusiasm and flare.
Moonlight Design Bonnie Landsberger Excellent speaker
C Embroidery Marri Cobbek Mr. Moore is very good - thanks for having him.

Editing for Production

Cathy's Collection Cathy Korondi What a novel concept, sharing information to help without a large ego!! Thank you for making sense of a lot of problems.
Custom Effects Lin Duncan Thomas speaks on a one on one level, uses very clear examples and made it easy to understand what he is explaining.
Custom designs Kathy Janowski As a beginner, Tom allowed equal time for those with little knowledge as well as those with advanced knowledge.

Embroidery Pricing

High Lake Embroidery Works Francine Stancin I've never seen it presented this way, and in such detail!
So Pretty For U Janice Devine A wonderful class. I would recommend this class to anyone.
Homestead Embroidery Dennis Del Grosso Great subject for all levels of the embroidery business. Great presentation.
Coastal Monograms, Inc. Don Hovis A "must" for all levels of experience and sizes of operation.

Digitizing Pricing

Excel Embroidery Nicole Mallows Thomas brings up ideas and tips that you wouldn't think of.
Embroider America Linda Greene The presentation was great!
Darwins Allison Kennedy This was a wonderful seminar, REALLY! I feel much better now about starting to price my digitizing. Thank You!

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